Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Heart Joe's "100 Things"

Joe read my list of 100 things yesterday and today he surprised me with his. I was both surprised and excited to read what he wrote, partly because I was interested to know what he'd include on his list, but also because he dislikes writing and other literary endeavors. I know his list was a labor of love!

This list forms a great snapshot of his personality. He is passionate about baseball, loves being a positive light in people's -- especially kids' -- lives, and uses my favorite word ("wife") frequently. Incidentally, I hope he never pitches a perfect game; he'd be so sad without baseball in his life.

Often people crack jokes when they discover we work together. When asked, "How does that work for ya?" I grab the opportunity to say, "I get to see the side of him that creates satisfied customers. He acts first with kindness, dignity, and respect for people!" I might not see that side of him as often or as well if I only saw him outside of work.

After reading his list, I think I know why he likes having me in the BWCA with him. See #38. I have the knack for cooking over an open fire. Still, I can't make pancakes...

Joe's 100 Things
(A.K.A.: 100 Reasons Kari Loves Joe)

1) I am very happy to be alive every day.
2) I love both of my boys beyond belief.
3) I love my wife.
4) I don’t tell her enough that I love her.
5) I don’t tell my boys that I love them enough.
6) If I could have any job I would coach .
7) I hate losing!
8) I hate being late!
9) I don’t like the word hate.
10) I very rarely swear.
11) I’m not ashamed of anything I have done.
12) I’m not proud of everything I have done.
13) I may be one of the rare people that would like a second chance earlier in life.
14) I wish I could convey how important it is to always do your best.
15) I love eating at home.
16) I love grilling.
17) I don’t like A.D.D as an excuse.
18) I’m worried I have Alzheimer’s.
19) I’m worried I have A.D.D.
20) I like shiny stuff.
21) I don’t like driving the “Man Van”.
22) I like green grass in my yard.
23) My goal when pitching is to strike everyone out.
24) My realistic goal is to have one strikeout per inning pitched.
25) I don’t like giving up homeruns.
26) I want to bean the next hitter after giving up a homerun.
27) I don’t understand why my legs don’t go as fast as my brain tells them to.
28) If I was asked to coach a woman’s sport I would be happy to.
29) I wonder how to tell someone they have “It”.
30) I get upset even after winning a baseball game.
31) I have pitched no hitters but never a perfect game.
32) I need to pitch a perfect game before I stop playing.
33) I’m amazed at the tolerance of my wife.
34) I’m amazed at the things my wife will do for me.
35) I love the Boundary Waters.
36) I love being with kids in the Boundary Waters.
37) I like portaging better than canoeing.
38) There is a knack to cooking in the Boundary Waters; I don’t have it.
39) It’s amazing how far off a cloud you come when you give up a homerun.
40) Then another one back to back.
41) I would like working at a hardware store.
42) I feel bad when people don’t like me.
43) I sometimes exaggerate to make me look better.
44) Lying creates a bad feeling.
45) I like selling ambulances.
46) I like the people who buy ambulances.
47) I’m glad I sell the best ambulance.
48) I get an upset stomach before a game that I’m coaching.
49) I think about baseball all the time.
50) I don’t like throwing a 0-2 ball.
51) I like striking a guy out on 3 pitches.
52) I’m amazed that you can really “See the ball off the bat”.
53) I’m glad I had Lasik.
54) I have a goal to walk more than strike out batting.
55) I want to hit .400 or better for a season.
56) I have few people I would call on a Friday night to “Go out with”.
57) I miss the lake.
58) I don’t like tattoos.
59) It’s hard to remember everything to tell kids when coaching.
60) I wish I was as smart as my kids.
61) I don’t like to read.
62) I like trivia.
63) I think I have dyslexia.
64) Picture directions were invented for me.
65) I don’t have any desire to meet famous people.
66) I think my wife could be famous.
67) I would read her book.
68) I would try to get everyone to meet her.
69) I’m jealous of my oldest son’s ability to learn.
70) I’m jealous of my youngest son’s drive to play sports.
71) I didn’t know everything at 18.
72) I like to fish.
73) I will never forget going to counseling.
74) I will never forget “You better find something better to do with your spare time”.
75) I will never forget “Maybe it should be you!”
76) I have never tried smoking.
77) I have never tried drugs (unless you count Mt. Dew).
78) I’m too naive to find drugs.
79) I think everyone can be good.
80) I think I can help everyone.
81) I want to help everyone.
82) I like performing for people.
83) I like public speaking.
84) I once gave a 20 minute speech on the letter “Z”.
85) I once wrote a long paper on a watermelon.
86) I often think about who would be my “Phone a friend”.
87) I wonder who my wife’s “Phone a friend” would be.
88) I can’t wait to play baseball everyday.
89) I can only have white hangers in my closet.
90) I sort my clothes by style and color hanging in the closet.
91) If the towels are folded “wrong” I unfold them and refold them.
92) Sometimes when my wife makes me mad I dry her clothes.
93) Other times I just forget.
94) I like our dogs.
95) I’m having a hard time trying to decide when to put Coco down.
96) I like vacationing with my wife.
97) I like when my wife makes me do something and it turns out to be fun.
98) I trust too many people.
99) I believe people even after they don’t deserve it.
100) 100 things about me is a lot.

I "heart" Joe.