Thursday, July 23, 2009

At the Altar

I attended a healing Mass once. I was glad to play the piano for the Mass, but wasn't a very willing participant in the healing thing.

I felt obliged to go stand before the altar and let the priest lay his hands on me. After all, the piano is in the front of the church and I would have felt awkward not going forward.

I've never forgotten the warmth and sense of well-being I felt in those moments at the altar. I've also never forgotten the words the priest shared in his homily.

"The altar," he said, "is a place to lay your troubles and failings. Christ's willing sacrifice of Himself for you is only effective if you give yourself -- flaws and all -- to Him."

I love the altar of the Lord. I wish I would remember to let my worries and stresses, failings and shortcomings, blessings and loves rest there.

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