Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

I'm not much of a "thing" person, and I don't think losing my things would leave me distraught. I think I'd be more annoyed by the hassle of replacing the necessities than grieving over the loss of possessions.

Still, there are a handful of things I really enjoy possessing.

I have three Bibles, each of which I used at a different stage in my life. I treasure each of them.

I have a notebook Joe and I shared through high school and his first year of college. Those letters we wrote back and forth are irreplaceable, but considering we still have each other, they're not priceless.

I have a blanket mom made for my boys, Adam's first pair of shoes, and Jakob's "My Mom" Haiku.

I have a post-it note Adam wrote when he discovered we were keeping Jakob. It's a sad face with a few tears. At the bottom of the note he wrote, "I hate you, mommy." He was three.

I have a picture of Haleigh and I in the Dominican and another one from New York. I love both of them -- and her.

I have my phone. My entire life is stored on my phone -- pictures, calendars, email accounts, blogs, music. Were I to lose that, I'd be a little... lost.

And I have two pianos.

My grand piano was a gift from Joe on my 32nd birthday. He searched for that piano for two years before getting a loan and making the purchase. Every time I touch my piano, I think of the effort and love he put into finding it for me. It makes my heart flutter just a little.

My second piano is the one I first learned to play. It's an old upright Baldwin. It reminds me a little of a honky tonk piano, and for some reason, The Entertainer sounds better on that little old piano than it does on the grand. I think the tinny sound of the Baldwin suits the piece a little better, while the more melodic, mellow grand sound isn't quite right.

Each of my favorite things is a powerful reminder of the real blessings in my life. Would my life be the same tomorrow if one of those things disappeared? Absolutely! When I have the real presence of the blessings in my life -- Christ, my husband, sons, Haleigh and other family, a full and busy life, music -- I don't really need things as reminders.

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