Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Joel Stein is WRONG

I read Joel Stein's article in TIME's July 27, 2009, issue.

Title? "Jesus Walks into a Bar: What's funny at Rick Warren's Saddleback Church? Poop jokes, of course."

His premise is that Christians are too uptight to be funny about anything besides... poop.

Mr. Stein you are WRONG.

Humor does not have to denigrate, degrade, or sink to foul language to make people laugh.

"Christians," he writes, "aren't funny because they tend to be literal-minded."

We do?

He adds: "they're sad about only having had sex with one person."

There are bigger, more important issues. And Joel Stein never addresses those bigger issues.

He assumes that good Christians only have one lover, never swear, and are perfect.

As far as I know, marriages struggle, people -- even some of my favorite priests -- cuss, and no one here on earth is perfect. I find things funny that are irreverent, cussing doesn't bother me, and there are all kinds and sorts of GOOD people in the world.

Joel Stein. You. Are. Wrong.

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  1. I would have benefitted from an editor. PLEASE someone. BE MY EDITOR.