Friday, July 24, 2009

The Mom in Me

My boys are... boys.

They smell and make messes.

But, they love me. They hug me and include me in their lives. At Mass, they hug me and kiss me IN PUBLIC. They like to share things with me (when I don't push) and talk to me about their lives.

And guess what?????

Tonight I received the following email:

"Kari. You taught your boys well--they both want to help out at VBS (vacation bible school). We're excited to have them help us out-- they are both so fun to have around..."

Yay! They're officially VOLUNTEERS!!!

I have TONS of hopes and dreams for my boys. At the top of the list is something about VOLUNTEERING.

They're happy to volunteer.

They're happy to be MEN of faith.

They're happy to share their love of Christ with others.


And I'm so thankful the Lord taught me how to be a mother.

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