Friday, July 31, 2009

A Moment of Silence

Our SALT practice was a little fractured last night. We weren't all present -- it's like missing half the family at the dinner table. Last night we were fewer in numbers when we "circled-up" for our opening prayer.

Before the first word of the prayer is ever uttered, I can feel us all take a deep breath and exhale slowly. It's our ritual step into the presence of the Lord and we take it together.

Last night that deep breath was followed by silence and more silence. The silence extended beyond what would be comfortable in most social settings.

That silence somehow renewed me.

Scott led the prayer last night, and his words brought our hearts and minds to the "right" place for last night's practice. But it was the silence that was... well, beautiful.
Maybe it's because in the silence we come closest to being one with God and with each other.

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