Thursday, August 27, 2009

Queen of the Scathingly Brilliant Idea and Her Husband

Once upon a time, in a land not so far, far away, there lived the Queen of the Scathingly Brilliant Idea.

She never knew when the Brilliant Idea would strike.  In fact, she kept a notebook by her bed for many years.  In later life, she jumped the Technology Train and used a mini laptop.  When the Brilliant Idea struck at 2:30 in the morning, she made notes.  It wasn't enough to help her go back to sleep though; she often ended up running to the office at ungodly hours to test the Brilliant Idea.

Brilliant or not, some of the Ideas failed.  It's true.  Sad, but true.

Other Brilliant Ideas were lauded and honored with Oh-This-Is-Good status.

Now, the Queen had a husband.  He was Salt of the Earth.  Tied to the earth, he kept the Queen grounded.  Whenever she shared her Scathingly Brilliant Ideas with him, he was quick to spot the weaknesses and deficiencies of the Ideas.  She was Overwhelmingly Thankful for her husband.  He kept her from some wicked and embarrassing Fiascos.

The King grew wise over the years.  He was so wise, he was granted his own Special Staus.  He became King Joseph the Wise.  In honor of his new title, he took to riding camels and carrying gifts.

He learned when it was best to explore his Misgivings over one of the Ideas and when it was best to remain Silent.  See, he loved his Queen beyond imagining, and he wanted her to shine in all she did.  She recognized his value and honored him in all things.  They embodied Ying and Yang.

One day the Queen had an Idea King Wise found ridiculous.  She was going to send her subjects on a Quest for seventeen things.  Sir Wise felt his muscles tense and his throat constrict as he listened to her Idea.

He watched her.  He saw the light in her eyes and knew without a doubt that she believed in her Idea.  She believed her subjects would learn something new and they would grow in value in their own eyes when they achieved success on their Quest. 

He bit his lip and breathed deep.  This time he wouldn't say anything.  He'd watch and wait.

The subjects heard about the Quest. 

They groaned. 

They complained. 

They whined.

Still, they Quested.

As they Quested, something miraculous happened. 

King Wise saw them growing in courage and strength.  He saw their confidence and wisdom increase.  He saw them becoming better neighbors and friends. 

King Wise was impressed and awed. 

He listened to the subjects talk about the experience in glowing terms.  "I didn't want to do this, and I grumbled," said one Faithful Subject, "but it was great.  I learned something new, tried to do things in different ways, shared my knowledge with others, and became a friend to someone new to the Kingdom.  This was a great, great day."

He was so proud of his Queen.

He sent the Queen a message.  It read:  "I thought you did a great job today.  I should never doubt how people will respond to your Ideas.  I love you."

And they all lived Happily Ever After.

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