Monday, August 17, 2009

Sisterhood of the... Circling Wagons

I have the most amazing warrior woman friends.

Awhile ago there was an email forward I actually really liked. It was about people who enter your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. I hardly ever actually read those emails; they're basically all the same thing with a little different packaging. I liked that one though.

Many people have entered my life for a reason or a season. It's fun to look at old picture albums and watch the parade of friends and observe what we were doing at the time.
Sometimes I feel a little nostalgic for this place or that person, but it's a sweet nostalgia. In retrospect, I can see why we crossed paths -- sometimes for something I needed, other times for something someone else needed, and many times for something we both needed.
I'm so thankful for each of those people.

Tonight I'm thinking about those who've come for a lifetime. Some friends are male, and each is valuable in unique ways.
Most of them are women though. And they are warriors.

I think of one who's hoping for a career change, another who's just moved cross country, and one who's struggling with an important friendship.

Then I consider one who successfully battled cancer and another who is embarking on a last journey with her terminally ill father; still another keeps climbing the corporate ladder as a single mother.

When I struggle with my demons, I feel this sisterhood link arms and circle the wagons around me.

I think they know I'm waiting here for each of them. I hope they'll take the opportunity to rest within the circle when they are most in need.

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