Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It Is Well

There's this thing my mother-in-law does with my boys.

She asks them three questions.

First, what was the best thing about your day?

Next, what was the worst thing about your day?

Finally, what did you do for someone else today?

I love watching them do this... thing.  They never answer lightly or flippantly, although their answers are often funny.  They ponder before answering.  Their answers always paint me a picture of their lives in those moments.

Adam articulates well; he's a reader, and I always think reading makes people better with language.  Jakob speaks monotonously and quietly and manages to re-shape my view of the world.

Today I was thinking about this thing and about our day.

I loved the upbeat, excited mood everyone wore today.

I detest failure on the part of myself or those around me.

I loved others today.  Really, really loved them.

I've been hearing a song with the lyrics "Jesus has overcome, and the victory is won:  He is Risen from the Dead."  The only other line I can recall is "I can say it is well." 

That's what I'll say:  it IS well.

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