Sunday, September 13, 2009

Losing a Child....

Today I encountered my friends the Stumpfs. 

I love these people.  They're SALT of the earth, good people.

Last week they lost their daughter, Laurie.  Laurie was fifty and had a lifelong battle with alcoholism. 

Her dad, Jim, told me this story:

I was there in the ER when they said she wasn't going to make it.  They talked about what was coming and hospice and other things.  All I knew was she wasn't going to make it.

I looked at her. 

I said:  "Laurie, I want to gather you in those blankets and take you home.  I want to put you in your crib and start over." 

Those words made me sob.  I stood with tears pouring down my face with these people who lost their daughter.

Jim reached out and cupped my cheek. 

How does someone extend Grace in the midst of their greatest loss?

I love these people.  Their grief lives in my heart. 

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