Monday, September 14, 2009

Celebrating Self

On Saturday I turn 40.

I forbid a party.  I absolutely am anti-party.


This was the worst year of my life. 

About eight months ago I made a list of things I "had" to do.  It was obscene.  It took three pages in my daily notebook.

Guess what?

I crossed off every item on that list by September 8, 2009.

I'm free of the past.  I'm free of what others need from me.  I'm free of the negative baggage in my life.

So for my fortieth birthday I want to revel in peace.  I want to celebrate quiet.  I want to be free of what others need.  I want to celebrate my self.

Staci and I will spend four hours together that morning doing secret sister stuff.

I will go watch Adam play Soccer.

Our family will particpate in St Henry's Saturday Fall Festival events.

Very, very special and select people will come to my home after the Festival.  We will laugh and play games and celebrate each other.

This is what I want.

When I turn 41, I want a bash.

1 comment:

  1. Parties suck. Go to Hanalei Bay on Kauai. Heaven on earth, approved by classy mice everywhere.