Saturday, December 12, 2009

Throw the Stone...

On Wednesday, I met with my ninth grade Confirmation class. 

The class is a challenge!  There are 28 15-year olds on my list.  By the time they arrive at class, they're 12-14 hours into their days.  The subject matter is not at the top of everyone's list.  This night is one of the only times they're with certain friends, and there's often a bit of "catching up" to do. 


It's a nightmare.

I believe my most important role is to scatter seeds with the conviction that some of those seeds will fall in the perfect ground and grow throughout their lives.

This week their input led us into a discussion about Mary.  We talked about this young human girl who accepted God's plan for her even though, in her time, an unwed mother would be stoned to death.

I had a guest teacher for a few minutes that night.  Jakob Kounkel came forward to tell us what Jesus had to say about throwing stones.

"So.  Jesus.  Stones."

Aside to me:  "Wow there's a LOT of people in this class!"

"So.  Jesus was there when the people were going to stone a woman for being bad.  So.  Jesus said, 'Whoever hasn't sinned can throw the first stone.  No one threw a stone.  So.  That's it."

He bowed.

A second aside to me:  "I think I'm sweating."

He went back to his seat while I made a mental note to get him a few more public speaking opps.  We have to do away with the "so" thing.

I think this story is one of Jakob's favorites.  We don't have to be perfect for Jesus to stand beside us and defend us from the stone throwers. 

My friend Willson wrote a song about throwing stones.  It's one of our favorite songs. 

He said, "This line I must draw,
These words I will write:
'Let he who cast the first stone
Be the one without sin.' 
For all you have sinned
But your sin I will forgive!
Follow my example: 
Throw the stone away and live. 
Throw that stone away and live.

Throw the stone away and follow me. 
I will wash away your sin. 
Hear my words deep within you.
Throw your stone away and follow.

He said the love I have for you
Is stronger than your sin.
Trust me and you'll not be afraid;
Forgive them and they'll do the same.

Go in peace to sin no more.
My love to you I give.
Follow my example:
Throw the stone away and live.
Throw that stone away and live.


I'll not be found throwing stones at others.  My time and energy is better spent concentrating on my own journey.

I will, however, continue to be discerning.  After all, Jesus said, "Follow me."  Not everyone could.

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