Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Every Day

Scott brought a new song to our group, "Every Day."

I heard the song on the radio and liked it, but then I heard my friends sing it and it blew me away.  They turned a simple, fun song into an opportunity to make a joyful noise.  Their harmony, the perfect blend of their voices makes me happy every time they sing the song.

When we first started creating music together, we wanted to do something different than any of us had done in the past.  We wanted to master music.  Master it.  Recharge it.  Make it our own.  Mastered music, especially Christian music, is music that moves people. 

Our first efforts were painstaking.  We learned six songs and we played those six songs for five months before our first performance.  Then we used the same six songs for our second performance.  In a liturgical setting, musicians cannot hope to be successful with a repertoire of six songs. 

Over the ensuing five years, we've learned hundreds of pieces.  100s.  In the mastering of those first six songs, we learned how to play together and what kind of sound we wanted to make.  We learned to trust and depend on each other.  We learned to sacrifice personal wishes for the benefit of the group.  We created, in other words, a sort of musical marriage.

It is simply the most profoundly wonderful joy to be able to do something you love with people you love. 

We're blessed.

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