Monday, March 15, 2010

Stupid Quote of the Day

I read this today:

on something you
can't go a day without
thinking about.

What a stupid quote.  Not only does it end in a preposition (choke - honestly, I know it's conventionally allowed, but the Latinist in me chokes every time), but what kind of philosophy is that?

That means that every addict should wait in hope for the day he or she can safely exercise their addiction again?

The quote annoyed me so much I googled it.  Apparently the original is just a little different than the version I first saw:

on someone you
can't go a day without
thinking about.

This is better?

I'm guessing my mom thinks every day about the man who regularly hurts her.  I'm guessing there are predators thinking about children every day.  I'm guessing there are women thinking about men who are married and men thinking about women who are married, and I'm guessing they're doing it multiple times a day.

I have a theory that too many people subscribe to these kinds of feel-good-about-me philosophies.  I believe what's most wrong with the world we inhabit is that people put their own needs before the needs of others, and societal mores help them do it.

Just do it.

If it feels good do it.

If you think about it every day, have it... wait for it... take it.

Don't get me wrong.  Looked at from a different perspective, it's an affirming message. 

Persevere.  Definitely.

Think and hope and dream.  Absolutely.

Take steps to achieve what you most desire.  Please do!

A home-schooling mother spoke to Rotary today and commended members because, as she said, "I look at you and see leaders, but know in my heart the best of you submit yourselves first to service."

Yes.  Submit yourselves to service.  Then quotes like these are no longer dangerous to either the subscribers or to whatever they subscribe to.

And, yes.  I dangle those prepositions too.

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