Monday, June 14, 2010

And the Journey Begins...

Joe and the boys just left on the annual camping excursion to the BWCA.  This year I'm staying home.

I was a little sad to watch them leave with the fifteen other campers.  A little sad because we won't be able to communicate even a little bit for the next week.  A little sad because I'm staying home alone for the first time since we had babies.  A little sad because there's something special about trips to the BWCA.

I have big plans for the week though.  A couple of my friends plan to celebrate their graduates over the next couple weeks, and I'm going to help them get ready for the parties.  I love planning and executing parties.  It's so much like planning and executing weddings.  Both offer ample opportunity for being bossy, and I can be bossy with the best of them.

I hope the boys have an exceptional journey through the wilderness.  I suspect that by this time tomorrow the campers will feel like they've been to hell, but that by the end of the week they'll be happy they make the journey.

As for me?  I hope I cross off all the things on my list this week.  It would be nice to be list-less when the boys arrive home Monday.  Last on my list is a reminder to prepare each person's favorite dinner for Monday night.  Jakob will be looking for spaghetti, Adam chicken with potatoes, and Joe pork chops with broccoli.  Better plan on a little weekend prep so everything's ready in time. 


In other news...

Today a great friend told me about a song a coworker sent her husband via youtube.  Check out this link.  This is so "not just friend" material.  How smart is her husband to share it with her immediately?

Looks like Mari's staying until July 13, 2010.  Thank goodness for all the Rotary experts!

We have a third doggie staying at our house while the boys are gone.  I'm hoping for La and Wally to lead by example.  We'll see how it goes.

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