Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Art of Being Thankful

We made some personalized stationary for Adam to use while writing his thank you notes.  There's a box describing his plans for next year, blank space for his note, and a picture of Adam in his cap and gown on the front.  The back is full of pictures from his senior year.

Adam's been writing thank you notes since the week before his party on June 5.  I've been annoyed with him because it's taking him so long.

Typical conversation over the last few days:
Me:  Adam!  I'm tired of saying it.  Get the "thank yous" done.  Now! 

Adam:  Just relax.  I'm doing it. 

(Adam sitting on the living room floor.  TV blaring.  Cards spread all over the floor.  Thank you stationary all over the floor.  Envelopes all over the floor.) 

Me:  They must be done before you leave for the Boundary Waters.

Adam:  Just relax.  I'm doing it.

(Adam playing baton-girl with his pen.) 

Me:  Adam!  These people took time from their lives to celebrate you.  Write!  Write!

Adam:  Relax.  Geez, Mom.

(Adam turning on the COD game.)

Me:  GRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
This conversation happened many times.  One day I posted the following status on Twitter:  "If my sons advise me to relax one more time, someone might get conked on the noggin.  Just sayin'."

And then I ran into a couple people who received their thank you cards from Adam.  They gushed about his note.

Friend from St Henry:  Kari!  Your son wrote us the nicest letter we've ever received.  He said "I don't know you very well, but my mom said you're big fans of SALT.  We appreciate that because my mom loves SALT."

Long-time employee:  Let me read Adam's letter to you.  "I remember you from when I was little.  I've always thought you were so nice.  I'm glad my parents surrounded me with people I could look up to and learn from."

I'm not going to nag Adam very much anymore. 

He's writing beautiful, thoughtful, grateful letters to people.  A well-written thank you letter is a lost art, and Adam's gifted with it.

Of course if they're not done the week he gets back I'm driving over the COD dvd with my car. 

Just sayin'.

(Not in the know?  COD is "Call of Duty."  One nasty, murderous game.)

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