Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Creepers...

Mari tells the best story about her arrival in Minnesota.

The girl is charming.  Her stories, told in Minnesota-speak with a Brazilian accent, always make me giggle. 

Adam, Jake, and I went to get her at the airport on the day of her arrival.  Construction make a mess out of the usual path to the airport, and it took us far longer to arrive there than it should have.  I was also almost out of fuel - not unusual for me at all.

I pulled to a stop at the sidewalk and shoved the boys out of the car to go find Mari.  Equipped with my iPhone-size facebook open to her picture, they gamely went to look for her.

She was looking too - a little nervous, very excited, and not expecting her family to be late, she sees two young men staring in her direction and then walking around her to stare from another angle.  All the while, they're checking the phone photo.

Her thoughts?

"I thought OMG my brothers are creepers!"

They kinda are. 

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