Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sun Signs and Relationships

Yesterday my therapist gave me two assignments:  study our sun signs and think about what makes me happy.

I've done a cursory study of sun signs - enough to recognize the topic bears more research.  First reading only about my sign (Virgo) and then Joe's (Sagittarius) and what the signs say about our relationship, I was a little startled by what seemed to signify.  In other words, I recognize us in the descriptions.

The meticulous part of my nature forced me to examine other signs to see if I felt like they applied too.  Not only did they not apply, but I recognize my sons in the descriptions of their signs too!  Adam's definitely a Scorpio and Jakob an Aquarius. 

But is it acceptable for a Christian to study sun signs? 

Good question.

There is relevance in parallels, and there is an obvious one between the signs and the tribes of Israel:  there are twelve of each. 

God created the stars ("lights in the dome) to mark fixed time - the days and the years - and as luminaries (Genesis 1:14).  The heavens are the "work of God’s fingers" (Psalm 8:3) and "declare the glory of God" (19:1).  God has all the stars numbered and named (147:4).

According to one website (
Much has been written of the meaning of the zodiacal constellations, including theories that they comprise an ancient display of God’s redemptive plan. For example, the constellation Leo can be seen as a celestial depiction of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah (Revelation 5:5), and Virgo could be a reminder of the virgin who bore Christ.

And yet the bible also cautions against worship of the "host of heaven" (2 Kings 17:16) and teaches that it is God who knows what is in store for us.  Trying to assume the role of God seems a risky proposition.

My conclusion?  There may be some merit to this study I plan to undertake providing it doesn't become a new form of worship.  Knowing myself better and coming to a better appreciation and understanding of God's plan for me is good, and I think using any tool at my disposal is a wise choice.

Who knows.  It may help me find the answer to the other assignment:  what is it that makes me happy?

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