Monday, January 31, 2011

First Day, Second Semester

Today was the first day of my second semester at SCU.

Thanks to Minnesota weather, I arrived at campus five minutes before my first class, Latin 1120, ended.  BUMMER!  I was so excited to resume Latin. 

My second class doesn't start until 1:35, so I had time to run to the bookstore and pickup my remaining books and a folder. 

I spent the next hour in the completely remodeled gym.  Despite spending considerable (for me, anyway) time in a gym over the last several months, I was a little intimidated by the thought of entering an unknown world full of unknown people.  I haven't felt like that since I was a teenager!

Working up my courage, I not only entered the gym, I also commandeered my own treadmill.  Then I did something I never did before:  I ran for 14 minutes.  Yay me.

Incidentally, I'm not overfond of locker rooms. 

After that physical output, I wasn't hungry, but ate some soup anyway. 

My body tends to feel a little traumatized after new work outs, so making my way through the snow across campus was something of a struggle... 

Made it I did.  And I could tell within the first ten minutes of class that I'm going to love Classical Mythology.  In part, it's thanks to the professor.  She's hilarious and brilliant - a winning combination for me!  I also think it's the subject matter.  There's a great quote in the first chapter of the course textbook:
... as opposed to the discoveries of science that "will in time change and perhaps grow obsolete... art is eternal, for it reveals the inner landscape, which is the soul of man."
                              Classical Mythology, 9th Edition.  Mark PO Morford, et al.  Page 5.
So, yeah, I haven't changed my mind about Minnesota weather.  But I do love Winter Semester.  Even the homework's exciting - 56 pages about myths, Latin translation, some Latin exercises... 

Oh, and YAY ME again for the treadmill work.  :) :) :)


We received a new letter from our Compassion International daughter, Ana. 

Her mother was pregnant with twins and after a difficult delivery, one of the babies, a sister to Ana, died.

I'm sad for these people I've never met.

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