Friday, January 14, 2011

The Nicaraugan Connection

We sponsor a little girl in Nicaragua through Compassion International.  She's five and has a sweet and hopeful smile, as do, I guess, most five-year olds. 

She sent us a letter.  A year from now with three "semesters" of Spanish and Latin under my belt, I should be able to read it without the translation (yahoo!).  She writes:
Esteemed sponsor, Kari Kounkel, Your girl Ana Paula... writes you, hoping when you receive this letter you're in good health next to all your family...  She also tells you that she has made many drawings on her notebook, because she learns to paint at the project in which she attends and she has fascinated the paint.  She wants to tell you that what she most likes to do is get up very early to pray and go to school.  Your girl Ana asks for you to answer her letters soon and if you can write her, besides she wants to ask, where do you live?  Do you have a big family?  Do you work?  What kind of work do you do?  Ana wants to know you someday through a picture...  She will pray for you.  Says bood bye with love and affection, your girl Ana.  God bless you.
Ana drew us a picture.  I'm glad to see her world is colorful.

How fantastic is it, that a five year old girl living so far away - not just in physical distance, but in every way imaginable - is praying for me?  That the tiny amount of money we send each month, amounting to less than one meal out, is changing her life?  That she can have new hopes and dreams because we send it? 

I stand in awe and humility at the work Compassion International does.  I am privileged to participate in their endeavor.  Even more, I'm privileged to belong to the Body of Christ.
Adam leaves for school and a brand new semester on Sunday.  It makes me so happy he loves school. 

Haleigh turns 17 this week.  What a woman she's about to be.

Jakob starts behind-the-wheel with his instructor on Monday.  He's ready for the independence driving offers.

Sometimes I long to touch once more the wee people they were, even though I really love who they are today.

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