Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunsets and Whales... Oh My!

I'll add a pic or two when Joe d/ls them for me.

In paradise for the first time in daylight, we saw some amazing and lovely sights.  Our hotel is on a "cliff" and we have a fantastic view of the ocean coupled with the delight of sitting in captain's chairs listening to the surf

We shared breakfast while debating the day's potential activities.  We agreed on a loose schedule of the things we'd like to do before stopping at the grocery store.  Groceries are always a necessity since we don't share the same sleep habits or eating habits.  Joe'd be happy to eat one massive meal once a day and I'm the six-small-meals-a-day eater in the family.  We stocked up on many of my usuals - apples, nuts, water - which were much more expensive than usual.  Still, they're cheaper than ordering a full meal I won't eat at a restaurant I don't want to patronize.

Fully organized, with full tummies, we set out for Eleele and our sunset cruise.  We saw the most beautiful sunset and watched several whales frolic.  The friendly and happy crew entertained us throughout the journey.  It was a little chilly at times, but we both enjoyed the six-hours we spent together - a sometime-rarity for the two of us since we have such differing interests and pasttimes. 

We closed the day at a guidebook-recommended restaurant.  The guidebook was accurate: delicious pizza crust.  We have some leftovers too - yet another rarity in our teenage-boy homestead!

Pictures to come!
And yay me.  Day two of 365 done.

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