Tuesday, November 22, 2011


For this year's home-grown 92.9 Christmas celebration, I get to do all the really fun stuff that I normally leave until the end of my productions - and then panic when I can't make something work or need help at the last possible moment.

This time, I get to sit and think about what I want things to look like and how I want things to happen during the show. Incidentally, I used to believe "thinking" was something a person did while doing other things.  I know better now. We undervalue thinking time to our own detriment. 

Most of what happens during a show comes naturally to the performers - especially when they're talented and genuinely enjoy what they do.

This is the first time I'm working on a show with people I don't know.  Seeing them move on stage and listening to them make music - well, watching rehearsal raised the stakes for me.  These guys deserve something awesome decorating the stage and some inspired direction from me.  It's coming...

Check out the "look" that's brewing for this show.  It's vibrant and modern.  And I think I know how to translate it into props - or at least, Staci does and I know her.

I'm so excited to see how everything looks on December 4.

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