Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Safe Little Haven

So yesterday, I wrote everything I had to say and it's sitting on my desk ready to send to the Archdiocese.  I'll send it in a day or two.  I find that I don't even care what the Archdiocese does with it.  It's the truth. It's there in black and white.  It's my story, and I've told it.  For me, that chapter is finished.  I will no longer talk or write about it, engage in it, or allow it to dictate my actions or non-actions.  It is really just finished. 

Tonight I was at the Opening Night for Faith Formation in Avon.


The event was well-organized, people were invested, and kids were dancing and singing.

This new job as a Ministry Assistant is my safe little haven.  I am free there.  Free to serve.  Free to share ideas.  Free to think.  Free to listen to the Holy Spirit.  Free to act on what I hear.  Free.  Free.  Free.

I really love it there.  I loved watching the kids dancing in their seats when I was talking about a new way to celebrate our Christmas Pageant.  We are doing a show, the likes of which Avon has never seen and will love.

I hope it will be part of the ongoing effort to both set their hearts on fire and to create the community parish every community needs.

I mean really, why aren't non-Catholics coming to the parish?  We need Catholic parishes.  The Catholic church educates, donates, and provides medicine to a large portion of the world. Why aren't we welcoming others every single day?

And the people I met?  They are on fire.  There are things happening every week at that church that I want to experience.  If only I had mini-mes to send to the concurrent stuff. 

This is a safe little haven, and I am so excited for where it's going and how I get to experience the joy that true service offers.

In Christ,

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  1. Love this. I love any church that is on fire for serving God and sharing His message!