Thursday, June 25, 2015

Integrity is Everything!

Awhile back a friend of mine forwarded me an email she was sending to her "rival" in love. 

She wrote to her rival, "I may be prettier than you, funnier than you, thinner than you, smarter than you... " The self-boasting list went on for a few lines and her point was lost for me in the empathy I felt at that point for the recipient of her email. 

I asked her if she'd sent it yet. When she answered in the affirmative, I was dismayed. Who sends something like that to another person? 

Seeing this meme today reminded me of that email and the arrogance of the sender. 

Sociopath? Narcissist? Arrogant fool? Lost and broken child of God?

I'm not sure how to define someone like that. 

I am profoundly, wonderfully, infinitely grateful that God set us on diverging paths. 


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