Thursday, October 29, 2015

Living Kindness

I have the luxury of loving kind people. A bunch of them from a bunch of backgrounds. They are all people I am thankful to have in my life every day.

In a perfect world, this post would be read while listening to Bebo Norman's I Will Lift My Eyes, as that's what I was hearing when I wrote it.

A kind person is not the same thing as a nice person. I've known nice people and I want nothing to do with them.  Their version of nice meant they followed the rules when others could see what they were doing, but what they did behind the scenes was all about lying and cheating and stealing and hurting.  Their rage at being "outed" was and remains a fearsome thing.

A kind person is one who will tell the truth.  He or she will be listen and be supportive without pushing or "advising" another.  He or she will absorb tears and fear and anguish and will call to mind laughter and courage and joy.  He or she will encourage freedom and success without losing him or herself.

I am kind.  I have hard edges, for good reasons.  I tell the truth, even when it's painful truth and even when it's about myself.  And I am fierce, and that's what sustains me.

Know what else sustains me?  The kindness of my family and friends.  I am often humbled by what people have done and will do for me.  My future is bright because of them.  It sometimes makes me bend over and giggle with joy.  Knee slapping moments must be celebrated, my friends!

Last week a friend discovered I was having an abundance of difficult events crowding my days, and he bought me a ticket to Texas. 

He wanted me to relax and feel cherished and beloved. 

It worked.

I slept a ton, worked a ton, and because of it, I have a solution for what was troubling me.

The joyful part of it? Last week's setbacks mean I'm going to release my app a couple weeks sooner than I planned.


And that man?  He's a work of art.  He lives kindness. And though he is physically, mentally, and spiritually strong, he is gentle.

Nice?  Not even a little bit.

Thank God.


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