Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My 100 Things...

  1. I love reading 100 things about complete strangers and finding common ground with them.
  2. Daydreaming is an important part of my daily life.
  3. I believe authentic faith comes from studying and questioning and seeking God.
  4. I rarely say the words, "I wish..."
  5. But... I wish I could garden.
  6. I wish were better at being still.
  7. The best parenting advice I ever received was, "Your boys will bond like bear cubs. Don't interfere." I haven't.
  8. The second best advice I ever received was, "Don't tell them to 'be careful' all the time -- or they will be." Had to bite my tongue often!
  9. My first son has never been afraid to forge his own path.
  10. My second son wants to fly.
  11. I knew I wanted to marry Joe two weeks after I met him. I was sixteen.
  12. We waited five years to marry.
  13. When I was young, I longed for one career: I wanted to be a wife and mother.
  14. I never admitted my dream to anyone. It seemed like I was letting down the Sisterhood.
  15. I once subscribed to the dangerous notion "you're okay; I'm okay."
  16. Exclamation points make me happy.
  17. I love Mondays.
  18. In fact, my favorite day of the week is whichever day it happens to be.
  19. Kayacking is my favorite way to spend a morning.
  20. I despise canoeing.
  21. I love to cook.
  22. When I cook, I pray for the people who will eat with me.
  23. I can't think of a better way to love people than preparing food for them with all the love and hope I have to offer in that moment.
  24. I am not a baker because I don't like to measure.
  25. Smashing and mincing garlic makes me so happy I will never own a garlic press.
  26. I majored in English and Philosophy and minored in Women's Studies and Theology in college.
  27. I am thankful for my degree even though I work at the same place I worked before I completed my degree.
  28. I got a speeding ticket on my way to my Phi Beta Kappa induction.
  29. I got another one on my way to the English Department Garden Party a week later.
  30. I wasn't in a hurry or running late either time.
  31. My favorite time with my babies was the time spent breastfeeding.
  32. My family prefers eating at our table than at any existing restaurant.
  33. I miss my grandpa.
  34. I wish I missed my mom.
  35. My piano is the possession I use more than anything else I own.
  36. I love playing scales.
  37. I haven't played scales for a long time.
  38. Certain listeners can probably tell.
  39. I love running.
  40. I haven't made running a part of my life for a long time.
  41. I am determined to be ready to let go of my boys when it's time for them to move away from home.
  42. Jakbo's committment to sports impresses me.
  43. Adam's ability to talk comfortably to any person he meets impresses me.
  44. The best thing about working with my husband every day is seeing him at his best; his kindness and willingness to serve make me want to be a better person.
  45. I love coupons.
  46. As a child I was intensely shy.
  47. I can spell.
  48. While in college I thought I might want to be an historian but the first history professor I had wore polyester suits with ruffled shirts. I changed my mind.
  49. I thought I might want to be a critic.
  50. I had a talent for making people believe whatever I was criticizing was better than they initially thought. Most people don't want to hear things are better.
  51. I didn't know how to stock a pantry until I was almost 30.
  52. I didn't know how to make a roast either.
  53. My cholesterol is better than average. Yay me!
  54. I wanted four children.
  55. I still do.
  56. This summer four dogs will call my house home.
  57. I do not like dogs.
  58. Dogs love me.
  59. I do not wish I had a daughter.
  60. I love being friends with girls and will be excited to meet the girls my boys choose.
  61. I coordinate weddings so I can be bossy for an entire day and a half.
  62. Pinning corsages is a special talent of mine.
  63. I am rarely "on time" for things.
  64. My weddings always start on time.
  65. My husband wishes I could be on time for everything.
  66. He loves me even though I'm not.
  67. I sometimes cuss.
  68. Like a sailor.
  69. My huband wishes I wouldn't cuss.
  70. He loves me even though I cuss.
  71. Serving others delights me.
  72. Being served by others horrifies me.
  73. I am humbled by the kind things people do for me.
  74. I worry.
  75. Balance is important to me.
  76. I count. I count paces... breaths... tiles. I think it's OCD.
  77. My eyes turn green when I am angry.
  78. The women in my life are freakin' amazing!
  79. I wouldn't be the person I am without Joe in my life. He gives me roots.
  80. Though I wrote SALT's Feast in his honor, sometimes I forget to make sure he feels honored and beloved.
  81. I believed most of my life that nice girls don't get mad.
  82. Men and women are intrinsically, naturally, and wonderfully different.
  83. My boys are still silly with me -- even when their friends are present.
  84. Upon discovering the truth about Santa Claus, Jakob asked me, "So, if you lied to me about this, how do I know you're not lying about Heaven?"
  85. I never lied about Santa.
  86. Three-year-old Adam once wrote me a note that read, "I hate you, Mommy!!!" and was decorated with a sad smiley face.
  87. Adam was mad because I wouldn't put Jakob back in my tummy.
  88. When my auntie turned 31, I confessed to thinking she was Seriously Old. She had me write it on note paper and sign it; I received it on my own 31st birthday.
  89. I really love Sex and the City.
  90. I really love to write.
  91. The Holy Spirit is a constant, acknowledged presence in my life.
  92. I refuse to spend any time doing something half-way.
  93. Sometimes I talk people into doing things I shouldn't have.
  94. Usually they forgive me.
  95. I really love my job.
  96. I forgive too easily but remember too much.
  97. The sound of the ocean never fails to lift my spirit.
  98. When Joe turns to me in sleep and runs his hand across my skin, I feel safe and beloved.
  99. I love the word "wife" no matter the context.
  100. I rarely cry at funerals; I always cry at weddings.