Thursday, January 14, 2010

And On the 7th Day

Lightness and darkness.


Dry land and oceans.  Vegetation.

Sun, moon, and stars.

Water creatures and birds.

Animals.  Man.  Woman.

And then, rest.

I searched the interent to find out what the actual translation of the word means and how it would have been interpreted by the humans who set the words in writing.  Of course none of the words were written until long after the oral tradition had been estalished, so societal mores would have had an impact on word choice.

What it actually says in the story of creation is that God stopped creating.  He ceased.  His work was complete.

So how do we enter into God's rest in a world that hums with activity?  How do I cease working when it never feels like my work is complete?  And if my work is incomplete, do I deserve rest?

I'm grappling. 

I read Matthew 24:40 last week.  Jesus went to pray in the garden the night before he died.  He left the disciples to stand watch.  When he comes to them, He finds them sleeping and asks, "Could you not watch one hour with me?" 


I'm watching one hour with Jesus each week.  The only word I have to describe that holy hour is... well, rest.  My work, my world, my sense of my self ceases, and I rest. 

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