twenty-four for twenty four

I got back to myself in 2024.

It took awhile.

The last time I did one of my fancy something-in-something plans was the 14 in 14 when I planned out a healthy habit builder in 2013-2014 for all the school bus drivers. There were 14 areas for improvement. I'm not sure I could even name half of them now. I know there was the choice to drink more water and tease the brain... Dang, man. It was pretty solid at the time.

While entering into my first 12-WEEK YEAR, I identified 24 goals I have. 24 in 24. My first 12-WEEK YEAR started on April 1 and doesn't end until the end of April next year, and I think I have a tootin' chance of accomplishing a solid 24 of those things.

It's not like they're easy things or that I've set the bar low. I think they're just important and there's part of me that feels like I have a little catching up to do after ten years of recovering from 2014. I like how there's a theme that runs under the surface - even though it's a theme that's maybe only evident to me.  And, there's no denying that my brain has been able to heal and is working in ways it hasn't for a long time. 

Once, I cleverly thought I would deny middle age until I was 48. After all, I think I will be living to be 96. That cleverness faded when I turned 49. What was I to call these years?

I didn't know then. But five years later, at 54, I know what I'm living. 

These are my Renaissance Years.

And I'm not going to miss a single moment or wait for better weather or hope that my pants might fit better tomorrow. 

It's all about today, baby.

Peace. Be Still.