Monday, June 29, 2015

The Work of a Weekend

The work of creating my new space isn't limited to packing boxes and moving furniture. 

My new space is already bursting with color and flowers and joy! This weekend I started transforming my kitchen table, chairs, and counter stools. 

Has Willie become a photo bomber?? See him??

This is freaking fun!

The best part is, if I don't like something, I can just slap on some more paint. 

I didn't like that. 

Or that.

I also like it that I can start the project  and then leave it for awhile. When the mood strikes, my slate is clean and ready.  Incidentally, so are the paint brushes and trays. 

The color palette is reminiscent of a painting I've had for years. It inspired the color of my Celtic cross, the one on my back, too. 

Tonight, after the Rotary banquet, I'll finish the first stage of this project. I'm excited to see how the place I will feed my family and friends will welcome them. I'm also excited to see what the interior decorator I'm meeting on July 15th will have to say about this project. 

Other work consumed the weekend. 
Jakob's laundry is done - at least until tomorrow morning! Until we move, though, he's without a dresser. Oops. 

The washer and dryer hold some of the clothes. The rest cover the laundry shelf. 

He's keeping them neat!  He's also sweetly thankful that they're clean.

My suitcases are packed and ready for my next adventure. I'm off tomorrow at 5 am.

Jakob and the puppies have food. 

And there's a box for the food shelf. 
Jakob and I have boxes too! They're spread around the house ready to cart to our new house. 

Please note that adorable packing tape. Even packing boxes can be cute these days. 

Slowly, surely, and certainly, I'm packing and Jakob's carting. We make a really good team. 

Oh. And, maybe most exciting, I'm done with this bad boy. 

45 days with two weeks for traveling and missioning, and this guy is unplugged at 8:15. Jakob's dropping it off this morning. 

But more on that another day. 


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