Freedom Force Launch

It's finally happening!!! 

Freedom Force, my new RCO is about to launch. 

An RCO is a Recovery Community Organization. By definition, an RCO is "an independent, non-profit organization led and governed by representatives of local communities of recovery." There are many, many articles about RCOs on the internet. Read one here: Faces and Voices of Recovery

I started the journey to have my own RCO for two important reasons.

First, I have a strong desire to serve the community in a very different way than many of the existing RCOs are serving. That's a really amazing thing about RCOs: each one has a different sector of the recovery community they want to serve. Some focus on certain types of substances, some on different cultures (Native American, Hmong, etc.), and some on specific identities like LGBTQIA. My focus is on a transition period: the transition from being in treatment and sober housing to living a rich, independent, sober life. Specifically, I want to work with people who have the entrepreneurial spirit! More on that another day!

Second, some of the existing RCOs are making news for conduct less than becoming, and I want no part of that. Sober, I am so bound to doing things the right way that I want no connection to places not as interested in operating with integrity. This industry is a tough one, too. There's big money in this field and some people do target personal enrichment on the foundation of other people's misery. Gross.

There are other reasons too. These are the most important!

On Wednesday, May 15, I'm running a small fundraiser to help with establishing the 501(c)3 and opening the office for business. I opened this post to test two of the code options from PayPal.

The first is this window:

Then, there's a button!

Yassssssssssssssssss, girl! Yaaaaaaaaaaaassssss! We're definitely on the move.

In fellowship,