Friday, July 29, 2011

Hey You..... Yes, YOU...

I've noticed there are certain people who find themselves beyond the "law," so to speak.

These people commit crimes - crimes truly punishable by the law or crimes punishable only by conscience - and then they forgive themselves and pretend nothing ever happened.


There are always consequences attached to actions.  Always.  Why do some people walk away from their own disasters as if nothing ever happened?

I can't do that.  I walk away from my own disasters with a burden.  I pay the price for my transgressions in many ways - most of which are private.  And right now - thankfully - I have nothing on my conscience.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Eleven for Eleven

I haven't posted in a long time.  I haven't stopped writing; I've just been using scraps of paper and a pen rather than blogspot and a keyboard. In the month between the end of the summer session and the start of the fall session, I might convert all those scraps into blogposts, but I might also do nothing like that.

Some observers think I've been doing busy-work as I engage in my first weeks of Spanish.  Keep your thoughts to yourself!  I wish there more of these activities to do.  I need to practice, practice, and practice the language if it's ever going to feel natural to use it.  Adam told me that a little further down the road some of the stuff I'm struggling to use and understand will be much more clear; I guess he's probably correct.  We only have a foundation in the language thus far, and the more sophisticated elements we've yet to learn will help make sense of those foundations. 

Mmmmmm, it feels good to be learning.  I feel good in general.  Really good.  Blessed.  So to cap off my night, I'm going to name eleven things I consider blessings.  Then I'm going to study flash cards for tomorrow's test. 

The eleven things (las cosas):
  1. My parents are finally, finally in agreement on how to end their marriage.  That is a blessing for everyone involved.
  2. My husband and son are running together.  Five miles a day until school starts. 
  3. My sister and I are running together.  The Riverfest 5K path.  Every Friday at 7 am.  Until school starts.
  4. My son is one incredible ball player.  So is his daddy.
  5. My family supports my continuing education.
  6. My job is finally just that - a job.  No more.  No less.
  7. My friends are freaking amazing.  The old ones.  The new ones.  Probably the ones yet to be.
  8. My annual cleaning is almost finished.  And it feels nice to be in my homespace.
  9. My to-read stack is dwindling.  That tops the list of the eleven worst things on my horizon.
  10. My experiences and what I've learned from them inspire those who really listen.
  11. My body is strong.