Friday, November 25, 2011

On Thanks-Giving...

I love thanksgiving.

I love that the world pauses - yes, the world - to give thanks. And we do it wholeheartedly this one time a year.

Here's my thanks-giving list:

I'm thankful..

1. That I have a beautiful family.
2. That my family is growing.
3. That Joe is an amazing husband.
4. That I am strong. Physically and emotionally.
5. That my boys love being at home.
6. That Joe's family is healthy.
7. That Joe's family loves me.
8. That Adam is finding his way.
9. That Jakob is finding healing.
10. That my parents are divorced. (Who would have thought I'd EVER write that?)
11. That I love the people who love Joe.
12. That my family is bigger than just what Joe and I made.
13. That Mari, my DAUGHTER, might be able to join us in Spain.
14. That I have people at work who can fill the gap I make when I go to Spain.
15. That I get to interact with really smart people most days.
16. That my boys and husband are not afraid to love wholeheartedly.
17. That my parents are happy. Even though...
18. That I have the best friends imaginable.
19. That my house is moving into the 2011s.
20. That I am happy.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


For this year's home-grown 92.9 Christmas celebration, I get to do all the really fun stuff that I normally leave until the end of my productions - and then panic when I can't make something work or need help at the last possible moment.

This time, I get to sit and think about what I want things to look like and how I want things to happen during the show. Incidentally, I used to believe "thinking" was something a person did while doing other things.  I know better now. We undervalue thinking time to our own detriment. 

Most of what happens during a show comes naturally to the performers - especially when they're talented and genuinely enjoy what they do.

This is the first time I'm working on a show with people I don't know.  Seeing them move on stage and listening to them make music - well, watching rehearsal raised the stakes for me.  These guys deserve something awesome decorating the stage and some inspired direction from me.  It's coming...

Check out the "look" that's brewing for this show.  It's vibrant and modern.  And I think I know how to translate it into props - or at least, Staci does and I know her.

I'm so excited to see how everything looks on December 4.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Home-Grown, but Not Hick

There is a little gem of a project percolating right now.

Actually, it's more than percolating!  It's almost ready to enjoy. 

I'm working on a project with Mike Talbott and Spirit 92, and yesterday attended my first rehearsal with the talented people who will perform on December 4. 

Let me tell you, working with people as talented as this group is a pleasure.  I love hearing something that makes me tingle, and most of what they did yesterday made me tingle.

Interested in seeing a home-grown performance to open your holiday season?  Check out this link:

This time I'm not performing on stage.  I'm a behind-the-scenes guy.  And I really like it here.

Friday, November 11, 2011

[Major Freakin' Sigh of Re-Fricken-Lief]

I spent my entire day with Jakob today. What a blessing!

He struggles.  His pain is so out of my range, I can't even come close to understanding.  I thought I came close a couple times when I had my biking injury last summer.  I am now guessing that I had no freakin' idea!

Today, with the advice of people we trust, Jakob had an injection of lidocaine and steroids.  His knee was in bad shape and he has a serious disease.  He has literally tried every single thing he could try to avoid medication or medical intervention. The worst thing about a disease that involves chronic pain is that the victim suffers pain all the time.  Who can live with intense pain every single day?
Jakob has for several years.  And today he was freed of it.  I witnessed his pain, his treatment, and then the return of "real"Jakob.  He was bouncy, nearly giggly, and sitting on the edge of his seat.  When I said, "do you want to skip and dance?" he was ready - though the doctor cautioned him to rest this weekend.
God is good.  (That is such a small statement!)

After dinner, when we were ready to leave, he looked across the table at me, and told me the most heart-wrenching thing I've heard today:  "Mom.  It's so nice to not have a dead limb hanging off my left leg."
No, Jakob, I don't.  I hope you forget how it feels too.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

When It Happened to Us...

Jakob's been diagnosed with JIA, formerly known as Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.

He's been suffering the symptoms, I believe, since he was in fourth grade, seven years ago.  There's no doubt he has it; the markers are in his blood.

And so we grieve a little for the pain-free life we all deserve to have.

Jakob's going to beat his JIA.  He's learning now about what he can eat to feel better, and what he can eat that makes him feel bad.  He's learning about what kind of physical activity he needs.  He's learning to manage the depression that strikes when the pain won't go away.

He's so, SO heroic.  He knows what it means to "Live True."

He will beat this because he wants to play baseball.  He wants to play baseball more than anyone else I know wants to do anything.  And he's a baseball player to his soul.

Baseball players are a breed apart.  Watch how they move and how they stand when they talk and how they touch other people.  Then watch them on the field.  All the indolent motion, the generous patience, and the attention to detail they exhibit while waiting for that rare moment they will need to fire their engines and make the play is a key to how they live their lives.  Those things define Jakob - the indolence, generosity, patience, and focus on detail.  He's a ball player by blood. 

And he will apply every skill and talent he's learned and earned on a field to beating his pain.  He will. 

And it will be even sweeter to watch him make the next amazing play.