Thursday, June 13, 2013

Antics of the Anti-Athlete

 Rather than trying to consolidate my blogs from wayyyyyy back when, I'm writing some new posts.  I started this blog at what would prove to be the final days of my marriage, and lost the energy to keep writing. It sure looked good though! This repost is happening on May 20, 2021!

Here's how it went...

Yesterday C and I headed out to sample Bertram Lake just a bit west of the bus company.

It's a gorgeous little oasis.  Felt like we were in a different world.

We'd just started paddling when an odd thing happen.  A Very Angry Man started screaming obscenities at us.  At first I thought it was a tasteless joke.  It wasn't.  He was enraged.  He was throwing his arms around and pacing in and out of the lake with his boots on.

So apparently we were kayaking in "his" fishing spot. 

Weird.  The sign right behind him said "Public Access" and we were in a public park.

And, according to the Very Angry Man, we shouldn't even have boats if we are going to stay that close to the shore.

Weirder.  No one explained that "rule" to me in the past and I sort of thought kayaks were made for shallow water explores.

Also.  That Very Angry Man shouted Very Nasty Words in a Very Obnoxious, Loud Voice.

Weirdest.  I haven't been called things like that in my entire life.

I understand why people get charged with a crime - Assault - when they treat someone like that Very Angry Man treated us.  It was vile.

It didn't ruin the day.

Leave it to this Anti-Athlete to fugetaboutit and enjoy the day.

Well except when C dragged her paddle across the sand and I thought it was the beginning of the attack of the Mysterious Sand Creatures.

Reposted from, a now defunct blogspot account.