Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Love...

Now and then it's good to pause and reflect on what I love.  I think it's something like what God did on the seventh day when He looked around and said, "Oh yeah! It IS good!"

I love...

  1. My puppy.
  2. Joe, Adam, and Jakob for finding my puppy.
  3. Joe for being Joe.
  4. Adam.
  5. Jakob.
  6. Baseball.
  7. One thing about all sports.
  8. Going back to school.
  9. International languages.
  10. Words.
  11. That I know how to use words.
  12. That I know my own weaknesses.
  13. That I know my own strengths.
  14. That my strengths outweigh my weaknesses.
  15. That Joe listens to what I say without words.
  16. That I am strong.
  17. Being smart.
  18. Gaining wisdom.
  19. Eating well.
  20. Vegetables.
  21. Cooking.
  22. Reading.
  23. Organizing.
  24. Being a friend.
  25. Having friends.  Many of them.
  26. My job.
  27. My second job at the piano.
  28. My third job at weddings.
  29. Vacation.
  30. Where I've been.
That's enough for now.  I feel better than I did before I sat to write.